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Birthed...there's a quote that goes with this word. I've watched 42 Smack Classic Grow and become what they are now (Granted I didn't start watching till they were finishing up at JR's) and now I've become a part of / started Sinking Happy Feeling
This place isn't for just the two of us. It's for everyone with any interest in improv. I guess I'd like the people who post in here to be from this area...or something. I don't know...I wanted to start a community...so I did. Here it is...I hope everyone enjoys it and gets as much out of it as I do the other communities I am in. This is your moderator...hee I have power now...lol...ok not so much. For sinking happy feeling...Wed's rehersal bring five bucks with you. We're going to order a pizza.
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