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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
9:00 am - Sinking Happy Feeling


I know this isn't the best place to post troupe news in particuler...but, I'm the mod and I can do what ever I want...even though the only people in the troupe that come in here are Christina and Beth...Yeah so we're going to eventually establish a set schedule. I have spoken to everyone except Adam...

 We are all going to have to make a choice at some point. There are going to be times when the troupe asks us to do something when we really would prefer not to. That is when we would have to choose, which one is more of a priority. I just want everyone to take this in mind once I give our set schedule. I assume that at first it will be a bit rough but once we all know that we will have rehearsal on a set night, we will all move our lives around to accommodate.

 Having said that. As of now the only nights we can not have rehersal are on Monday and Tuesday.  It looks like it is either going to be Thursday nights or Friday nights. This week...I m not so sure.

 So...spread the word guys. I'll see you all later.


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Saturday, January 29th, 2005
11:42 pm - Coolio Foolio
gonzo31 Wow, Mikey....awesome. I will be looking forward to seeing who comes and visits here so we can all play together and have a good time...yay!! Toodles

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9:55 pm - Yellow

Hi everyone...I had this idea...I've already mentioned it to Christina but I figure I'll post it here and once more people add I can hear your thoughts. I know Sinking Happy Feeling has been working on long form improv...and I know 42 has worked on it in the past...so I am thinking that both troupes start working on learning how to preform a harold, and then we have a harold competition like IOWEST used to have. Each troupe preforms a harold for an audience and then the audeince votes on which harold they liked better. Its not important who wins, but its something to do. I dunno. Let me know whatcha thinks ya'll

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12:29 pm - New

Birthed...there's a quote that goes with this word. I've watched 42 Smack Classic Grow and become what they are now (Granted I didn't start watching till they were finishing up at JR's) and now I've become a part of / started Sinking Happy Feeling
This place isn't for just the two of us. It's for everyone with any interest in improv. I guess I'd like the people who post in here to be from this area...or something. I don't know...I wanted to start a community...so I did. Here it is...I hope everyone enjoys it and gets as much out of it as I do the other communities I am in. This is your moderator...hee I have power now...lol...ok not so much. For sinking happy feeling...Wed's rehersal bring five bucks with you. We're going to order a pizza.

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